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1.General Information, location



4. Arrival




1.General Information, location.

The cottage is located in a valley of river Sola, above a village Zlatna in Ujsoly prefecture in South Poland. For these who do not know Polish geography, i add that Zlatna is about 25 km. from the town of Zywiec,58km. from Cieszyn, 120km. from Cracow, 120km. from Katowice,360km. from Warsaw, 80km. from Ostrava ( Czech Republic) 575km. from Gdansk ( Baltic Sea ) 340km. from Vienna  ( Austria ) and  about 600km. from Venice in Italy. One would say it is dead centre of Europe.

         The hut was build about 600 meters above sea level. You can get to the hut by car even in the Winter. The closest  public transport point is 400 meters far (bus stop) Train station is about 15km from the hut ( Rajcza-town)


        Area around the hut has got a special microclimate which guarantee snow till the Spring ( skiing ) There is a 200meters ski lift about 2km from the hut and another 16 within 20km range.  There are plenty good walks around, you can get to mountain tops like Babia Góra , 1725 meters above sea level. Pilsko, above 1500m.a.s.l.,Lipowska,1300m.a.s.l.,Rysianka,  Krawcow Wierch-1250m.a.s.l. and many more .There are hostels on the top of each one where you can get a meal or bed for a night. For these who are not willing get sweaty, there are good easy walks around the cottage. About 1km from the hut , there is a water spring which has characteristic egg smell ( it means is has good for you minerals! )”Bury” is placed far from any kind of road, which makes the place very calm. In the Summer there are plenty of blueberries, blackberries, and other forest fruits. In other seasons , local mushrooms are unbeatable in a  pan. Locals will be more then happy to point out  poisonous mushrooms if you do not have such knowledge. You can cook them in a fireplace or grill.

     For some of us, good idea is to take a trip to Slovakia or Czech Republic, which are very close. More info about the possibility of trips- read in the end ( Number 6)

     In the hut, You can get familiar with pamphlets about local interest place, or just take it easy and relax. We offer 15 ares of semi-park. There even is a small stream and a pound.

From locals you can get local diary like cottage cheese, milk from cow or sheep, and special Polish – Slovakian  cheese -Bryndza


           The cottage is all made of wood.  Is has a attic-bedroom and basement with its bathroom, kitchen and the living room with fireplace.  Outside it has a big veranda, table and a fireplace. “Bury” is equipped  with: hot&cold water, shower, electricity, fire place ( for the price of rent we supply you with firewood for campfires and  fireplace) gas, kitchen ( the kitchen is equipped with cutlery, pans, all necessarily for cooking gears and basic food like noodles, salt, sugar, bread. TV&Radio, fridge, there is an extra toilet outside, maps and pamphlets ) On the first floor there are 4 beds ( 2 double+2 single) In the basement there are  couple of beds too. We also provide you with clean sheets, beddings and  towels .For sporty types there is a set to play badminton, football and 2 bicycles. ( To see pictures go to photos section on the homepage, please )

4. Arrival

         For these who will travel by car: You should turn left in Zlatna village, opposite of white bar ”Pod klonem”  and drive uphill ,ignoring the sign “no entry” it does not concern inhabitants. It means you! Turn left, when you get to a little field. On the top you will see a couple of houses. You will easily find “Bury”

          We organise  picking up people from airports, train and bus stations.  Just let us know when and where we should be waiting for you. Prices are in the end. The closest airport is Cracow, Katowice  (Pl) or Ostrava in Czech Republic . With new age of cheap flights you cannot find better occasion for cheap holidays. We also provide sightseeing, guided tours , transport and other services. We do sometimes book cheap hostels and transport You between them. Cosmopolibus.



1.Cost of picking you up from any airport around 120km - $40 (Cracow, Katowice-PL, Ostrava,Olomouc -CR)

 2.Hostel DASIA - $6 per night ( including bedding)

3.Cottage BURY -$30 per night ( up to 5 people with bedding)

4.Sightseeing - cost of petrol plus $40 for guide/driver for daywork.


Pictures from Bury hut